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I'm an LPN in Massachusetts, whose background is mainly in long term and dementia/Alzheimer's care, elder care and hospice nursing. I worked many years in the Clinical Nurse Liaison field, helping to transition patients from hospitals, rehabs, ALFs and other referral sources. 

My hospice experience years ago was mainly to alternate visits with the RNs who usually had heavy caseloads. My job was to assess the patient, the psychosocial atmosphere in the home, with family and the patient, help determine if there were needs, whether physical or otherwise, and report back to the team of social workers, RNs, management, spiritual counselors and volunteer coordinators. I would order new meds and equipment and recommend to the team services or needs of the patient and their family. 

Fast forward to now and I'm again hospice nursing, this time in a hospice facility, shoulder to shoulder with RNs, our NP and our wonderful aides. 

I'd love to ask clinical questions of some of the HPNA team here as well and bounce questions and concerns with all the very experienced people here.