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Bioethics SIG Chair

Signup Deadline: 06-04-2021
Starts: 06-14-2021
Ends: 03-30-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


The role of a Special Interest Group (SIG) Chair is to facilitate professional discussion and engage SIG members in current issues in clinical practice under the focus topic of the SIG. In addition, with the support of the National Office membership department staff and with their understanding of HPNA, HPCC, and HPNF processes and resources, they provide direction to members for access to HPNA products and education resources.  

SIG Chair/Co-Chairs Responsibilities: 

Ensure a positive SIG experience through the following activities: 

  1. Promote a forum for dialogue through the HPNA social platform 
  2. Introduce topics and/or articles for new discussion threads within the SIG. Considerations for introducing new topics within a SIG include: 
    • Is the information pertinent and timely to the specific SIG and its members? 
    • Is there a potential for impact to the SIG’s specialty interest? 
    • Will the topic easily spur conversation among SIG members? 
    • Will SIG members find the information useful and/or interesting? 
    • Does the information contribute to advancing expert care in serious illness?
        3.Provide information, comment on HPNA organizational initiatives as well as federal and state regulatory issues, educational programs, and research projects that are important to           the specific SIG population. 
        4. Observe trends that may be pertinent to HPNA or the profession and bring relevant trends, opportunities, and topics of interest to the attention of the National Office for consideration
    .   5. Lead in-person SIG meeting at the Annual Assembly. 
        6. Commit to role for 2 years. 

    Volunteers Needed:

    1 (1 open slot)

    Experience Required:

    No Experience Necessary


    Lauren Worek
    Hospice And Palliative Nurses Association